Research & Teaching Interests

Sociology of Gender, Corrections, Environmental Justice, Gardening in Corrections, Reproductive Justice, Feminist Pedagogies, Qualitative Methods, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

Courses taught 

Undergraduate (face to face, fully online, and hybrid formats): Introduction to Sociology, Sociology of Gender, Sex, and Sexualities, Introduction to Corrections, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Crisis & Trauma: Assessments and Interventions, Career Pathways in the Social Sciences (with Rebecca Erickson), Unclass: Urban Bio Justice (with Petra Gruber), Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (some sections team-taught with Sol Haring), Feminist Media Activism (with Lisa Scheer), Qualitative and Feminist Methodology, International Women’s Rights in Action, Sociology of Women in a Global Society, Gender and Globalizations

Graduate: Qualitative Social Research, Bodies that Mother – Body politics of motherhood in the 21st century (team-taught with Lisa Scheer), Gender and Public Space (team-taught with Nicole Pruckermayr), Learning Locations: New Media (English, one section with Sol Haring), Masculism, Postfeminism & Co: A fact check of contemporary gender discourses (with Elli Scambor), Global Gender Inequality

What else?

You can download (an old!) Teaching Philosophy here (yes, I need to update!) and here is a 2 minute intro video of me from March 2021. I produce two unique teaching podcasts as an ongoing teaching innovation. My Corrections Close Up podcast contains 17 mini-interviews with criminal justice professionals. The podcast project Why Sociology? I created wth Dr. Angela Adkins and it consists of eight episodes of interviews with Sociology graduates in applied career fields. Both podcasts are used in classrooms around the nation, respective assignments are published in TRAILS: 

Jauk, Daniela and Angela Adkins. 2022. “Why Sociology? Mini podcast interviews with applied and clinical sociologists.” in TRAILS: Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology, November. Washington DC: American Sociological Association. https://trails.asanet.org/article/view/why-sociology-podcast-interviews-with.

Jauk, Daniela. 2020. “Corrections Close Up – Podcast.” Assignment published in TRAILS: Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology. Washington DC:  American Sociological Association. https://trails.asanet.org/article/view/corrections-close-up-podcast, featured in the ASA Member News and Notes, November 2021.

Jauk, Daniela. 2021. “Art as Sociology.” Assignment published in TRAILS: Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology. Washington DC: American Sociological Association. https://trails.asanet.org/article/view/art-as-sociology

Selected Teaching documentation

  • Sociology of Gender, Sex, and Sexualities class in Spring 2023. My first attempt in “Ungrading” takes the focus from point values and grades and emphasizes deep learning instead. The class was built on self-assessment, peer review and my extensive regular individual feedback to “negotiate” a final grade (Syllabus Gender Sex Sexualities Spring 2023). Students enjoyed opportunities to develop job-related skills by organizing a campus Rethinking Race event. The student-led event was held on March 9, 2023, featuring award-winning trans-activist and artist LuSter P. Singleton. The recording of that event is available on the BCAS YouTube channel, and functions as a concrete work product students can include on their resumes. I have been interviewed about this class for the EXL website in Fall 2023.
  • Sex and Gender(s) in the City (2016) – (De!)Constructions of Gender in Public Space (with Nicole A. Pruckermayr), Academy of Fine Arts/Vienna, Check out the article we wrote for fiber including some photographs of the student’s works
  • Large (n=100) “Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (with Sol Haring, 2015/16), University of Graz/Austria, photo gallery of student’s works
  • Global gender (In) Equality (2015), University of Graz/AustriaClass Blog
  • Qualitative Methods,  University of Graz/Austria , Syllabus and Schedule SS 2015