A place to feature my favorite people, networks, and coalition partners.

I am proud member of Queer STS.

I am serving on the Professional Development Committee of AACS.

SWS. Sociologists for Women in Society. My professional home. My personal inspiration. Member of the International Committee.

I am excited to be board member of the Red Bird Center for Healing.

supernachmittag. My favorite band featuring dr.sol haring and a.p. moerth. Here I am dancing queer.

Institute for Masculinity Research and Gender Studies at the Association for Men and Gender Issues Styria, Graz, Austria. The best Austria has to offer in terms of extra-academic critical masculinity and gender studies. A plethora of great pubs to find on their website. Fabulous host of this website and extraordinary facilitator of art/media/culture/life in Graz.

Eat Fiesta Pizza, folks. It is the best ;).