TRANSCRIPTS of bloody mary hairy!” a DIY (gaga-)feminist didactics cock*tail tale

Sol, Pete and Dani on the set

Gagafeminist Didactics Set Photo by e.barfuss, July 2017


English Transcript Gagafeminist Didactics

German Transcript Gagafeminist Didactics

Spanish Transcript Gagafeminist Didactics

Watch Video here:

This 11-minute video performance introduces the idea of “gagafeminist teaching didactics” as variation of feminist pedagogy in higher and adult education learning environments. The interdisciplinary scholar-activist team developed it as a cock*ta(i)le-mixing session based on ideas from Jack Halberstam’s (2013) book Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender, and the Edge of Normal. It first released at the first D-A-CH conference of German-speaking gender studies associations in Cologne, Germany, September 2017.

produced by sol haring film & DIVANOVA/daniela jauk, anita peter moerth, co producers: elisabeth barfuss, stefanie egger