Oct 15 2014: 30 years of Frauenservice

Emceeing at Frauenservice Conference

Frauenservice Graz is the oldest feminist counseling institution and think tank in Graz. Since 1984 it has been working conceptually and practically in the areas of consulting, education, projects, and job market related measures for women. Frauenservice celebrated its 30 years of existence in Graz with a conference focusing on “feministische visions quer denken” which I was invited to emcee. It was my first big public event to facilitate after the birth of Amani and I was very nervous. But it could not have been a better day and more interesting discussions around how to think together women and queer and decolonial threads of discussion! It could also not have been better designed and supported as by Eva Taxacher, who is also responsible for the great documentation of the event: A radio show, summaries and more documentation of all the contributions is marvelously put together here.

Fotocredit: Sigrid Schönfelder